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A dear friend of mine and student at Champion Baptist College has the right idea.  I am including her latest email update in full.  I hope you can catch some of her enthusiasm.

Dear Friends,

“So let me get this straight…there are just under 3000 languages with
no portion of the Bible?”

I wondered for a moment if the lady asking this was aggravated; her
tone gave intensity to her question.

“Uh, yes ma’am, that’s correct.”

“So what is anybody DOING about that?”

I wanted to laugh and shout at the same time. I’ve talked about Bible
translation to many students in Bible college, and rarely would they
“get it.” This lady in a medium security prison understood what many
pastors and college students fail to grasp, and I loved her attitude!

Last Thursday I had a unique opportunity. I walked through a gate with
razor wire coiled around the top, into a world much different from my
own. I walked down gray sidewalks surrounded by tall, light-brown
buildings and well-kept yards and gardens. I greeted dozens of ladies
in khaki uniforms – all with different stories, but the same need:

God gave me the privilege of speaking to about seventy ladies in a
prison near Campbellsburg, IN (where I have been for the last week for
a missions conference). I had almost two hours to present the gospel,
teach about missions and Bible translation, and explain Phonetics. I
have never seen a group of people more interested in all of those
topics. They had many good questions, and it appeared that we could
have continued another hour or two just answering questions!

Thursday was an unspeakable blessing to me. For the past four days, I
had been studying and praying regarding what and how to teach. It
seemed to be beyond me – and it was.

But God is greater. What seemed to be intimidating and fearful turned
out to be an opportunity for Him to showcase His wisdom and truth. He
was faithful and answered my prayer (as if He could do anything
else!). The more I get to know my God, the more I love Him. He is
wonderful – in the fullest sense of the word.

The past two weeks have been filled with blessings from my abundantly
gracious Father. I look forward to sharing more of them with you soon.
I left Texas the 16th of May, traveled with Tim and Cara Cleghorn
(BBTI staff and really good friends) to Indiana for a missions
conference at New Covenant Baptist Church, spent another week with the
folks there after the conference, and now we’re on our way to
Louisiana for SMITE camp. Please pray that God will do something
awesome in Baton Rouge this week – I believe He will!

I would love to pose the question I began with to every believer in
America. 3000 languages without Scripture – so what is anybody doing
about that? What am I doing about that? What are you doing about that?

May God continue His work in your heart and give you a part in the
greatest work in the world!

Because of Grace,
Laura-Lee Alford
II Corinthians 8:9


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