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Discipleship: Influence

Discipleship is a natural process of a spiritual life, but discipleship should, also, be understood as influence. The relationship is continued and has the effect of touching and changing the life of one whom you influence. Adam had influence in his family. We have two statements that Adam made concerning his wife and reflecting his value of her. In the first he called her Woman (2:23). As a result she shared everything with him. He made a conscious decision to follow her suggestion, and received the penalty of the fall that affected the whole human race. Then, God gave a promise of redemption in the process of meting out judgment. Adam expressed faith by calling his wife, Eve, the mother of all living (3:20). She would live, and she would bring forth others that were alive in every sense of the word. She, as a result, expressed her faith in the promise of God’s redemption by acknowledging the son born to her as a gift directly received from God (4:1). Now, the struggle between life and death was visible in the child and his brother, manifesting the influence of Adam. One son killed his brother, and the other manifested faith by killing a sacrificial lamb that spoke of the promise of redemption. He was killed and his life testified of his faith. We have a second statement recorded that Eve expressed hope in God in 4:25, “For God… hath appointed me another seed…” The two brothers made conscious decisions and yet, their decisions were influenced by Adam, their father.  In the first case, he was influenced by the fallen nature of Adam; in the second case, one was influenced by the faith of Adam. Our influence is a double-edged sword. Our strengths as well as our weaknesses are communicated. Who is affected by our influence in discipleship more than our family? They are the first to be discipled. We see approbation in the life of Abraham based on his leadership and influence. Gen. 18:19 “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord…” Do not underestimate the power of influence on those to whom you are closest.


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